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Kent Wesselink

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Goals & Objectives of the
Clarion-Goldfield-Dows High School Band

Educational:  To provide a comprehensive knowledge of music through the study and performance of exemplary literature.

Artistic:  To allow students to express themselves in a different, creative manner through the means of music.

Service:  To provide music and support for certain school and community affairs, while promoting and enhancing the dignity and reputation of the band at music festivals and concerts.

Loyalty:  To create an environment that provides all students with a sense of community and loyalty to an organization bigger than themselves.

Self Discipline:  To provide an opportunity for students to develop as disciplined, organized and mature adults.

Social:  Learn and practice interpersonal skills.

Leadership:  Provide experiences that develop responsibility, accountability, and the overall leadership skills of the band members.

Achievement:  To reach full potential and achieve success in all aspects of students’ lives through the practice and performance of music.

Recreational:  To provide an environment that promotes and encourages life-long learning, as well as, provides all students with an opportunity for worthy use of leisure time, an emotional outlet, and quality social experiences.

The ultimate goal for the Clarion-Goldfield-Dows High School Band is to perform at the best of our ability and with musical understanding, emotion, and intensity.  Thus creating the desire of the students to seek out musical experiences of their own to enjoy.