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Updated on 01/07/2018
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2017-2018 Academic Calendar Now Available

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How to Find the Breakfast and Lunch Menus

You will always find the current month's breakfast and lunch menus by following the
Information --> Lunch Program menus above.  When you use that path you will also
find other helpful school lunch information.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
2829January 30, no events31February 01, no events23
February 04, no eventsFebruary 05, no events67February 08, no events9February 10, no events
February 11, no events12February 13, no events14February 15, no eventsFebruary 16, no events17
February 18, no eventsFebruary 19, no eventsFebruary 20, no events21222324
February 25, no events26February 27, no events281March 02, no eventsMarch 03, no events

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