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Peer Helper Can Drive
Updated on 03/15/2017
Fund Raiser: Can Collection 
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Preschool & Kindergarten Round-up
Updated on 03/03/2017
Round-up info shared 
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2016-2017 Academic Calendar Now Available

View or download it here. 

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How to Find the Breakfast and Lunch Menus

You will always find the current month's breakfast and lunch menus by following the
Information --> Lunch Program menus above.  When you use that path you will also
find other helpful school lunch information.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
March 26, no events2728March 29, no events30311
April 02, no events34567April 08, no events
April 09, no events10April 11, no events121314April 15, no events
April 16, no events17April 18, no events19202122
April 23, no events24April 25, no events2627April 28, no eventsApril 29, no events
April 30, no events12345May 06, no events

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